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Quebec City Travel

Why? When you holiday in Quebec City you may have to remind yourself that you are in Canada and not in France particularly as you stroll the streets of Vieux-Québec (Old Québec), with the lilt of the French language in your ears. The old city is set on two levels connected by steps and a funicular. The lower section is the oldest neighbourhood in North America and is filled with traditional European charm.

When? The best time to travel to Quebec City is during the summer when the weather is warm and sunny and a seemingly endless calendar of festivals comes into play. Those who are not afraid of the cold can enjoy a Quebec City holiday in winter too, when winter festivals add warmth to the bitter, icy weather.

Who for? Anyone in search of an olde world European atmosphere without having to cross the water will find all the romantic charm of an ancient French city when they holiday in Quebec City. The fabulous city and its gourmet restaurants will not fail to delight everyone who visits.

More Info : Where to eat, what to see and when and where to see it, what to do, what trips to take outside the city, and how to get around: these are just some of the questions you will need to have answered before you embark on a holiday in Quebec City. Find all the answers in our comprehensive Quebec City travel guide, which you can print out to take with you.


Small cafés and cosy restaurants, charming boutiques, lively terraces, elegant squares, theatres and museums, street buskers and mimes & all contribute to the charm and ambience of historic Old Quebec, cradle of French civilisation in North America and still predominantly European in spirit.

Perched on top of Cap Diamant, overlooking the St. Lawrence River, Quebec City was first settled by the French in 1608, named from a native Algonquin word meaning 'where the river narrows'.

Despite having been ceded to the British in 1759, the city's population of more than half a million are today 95 percent French-speaking, lending a definite 'joie de vivre' and culture to the atmosphere. About four million visitors are drawn to Quebec City each year, to savour this French charm, the famed Quebec gourmet scene, and the beauty of the historic Old City where winding cobbled streets are lined with 17th and 18th century stone houses and churches, bewitching parks, elegant squares, and numerous monuments. The city is included on UNESCO's World Heritage List and is the only fortified city in the Americas, north of Mexico.

Just a few kilometres from downtown this lively city presents numerous opportunities for outdoor activities and recreation, like horseback riding, canoeing, hiking and skiing.

The cultured ambience, lively spirit, high safety rating, and a comfortable blend of past and present make this provincial capital city worthy of its status as one of the top destinations in the world.

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